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Aerial Fifty Two

Aerial Fifty Two is the premier destination for all things alternative fitness in Mississauga with classes ranging from pole dance and tricks, strength conditioning, flexibility, and aerial hoop and hammock! Our instructors are experienced, professionally trained and certified to lead safe, fun and unique classes.


Test your strength

Start your pole dance journey with us! Learn gravity-defying moves and acrobatic tricks and discover how pole dancing provides the perfect duo between strength and sensuality.


Build confidence

Pole dance is a celebration of individuality, self-acceptance, and body positivity. Pole dancing is a powerful tool in embracing your unique journey towards self-love and self-acceptance.


Meet fabulous people

We take pride in our inclusive and supportive community, where everyone cheers for one another’s success. The encouragement and camaraderie you’ll find here is simply magical.

pole dance classes

$99 Intro Offer

Take up to 2 Introductory classes per day for 30 consecutive days!