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Quick Pole History & Why Aerial Fifty Two is a Trail Blazer

Pole dance and fitness started way before JLo at the 2020 Super Bowl. The use of pole in a fitness capacity can be traced back to over 800 years ago in India with the use of Mallakhamb and Chinese Poles. Mallakhamb involves the use of thick wooden poles to perform acrobatic and yoga-inspired tricks; whereas Chinese Poles, 20-foot-high silicone or powder-coated, allow performers to complete their climbs and inversions fully-clothed.  Pole performances have since taken on various styles ranging from lyrical/contemporary to theatrical and exotic. The rise in pole dance fitness studios started in the 90’s in the U.S, as strip club entertainers wanted to fuse acrobatic tricks in their erotic live performances.

Fast forward to March 2019, Aerial Fifty Two, a hidden gem among pole studios, is born. Aerial Fifty Two is the premier destination for all things alternative fitness in Mississauga with classes ranging from pole dance and tricks, strength conditioning, flexibility, aerial silk hammock and aerial hoop (also known as lyra). Founded by pole sisters Natasha and Vanessa, the studio is recognized as a safe space for all people to participate and feel included. As one of the only pole studios in Canada that is owned and operated by visible minorities, this dynamic duo regularly promotes diversity and embraces community – regularly giving back to various charities including Essence of Mind, Say Her Name and The Rainbow Railroad. Their community of dancers share a passion for health and wellness and a desire to embrace their inner erotic beast. These boss babes have swapped the boring, traditional gym workouts for a variety of in studio and online classes that are guaranteed to improve core and upper body strength and overtime, define the muscles in the entire body.  The studio is also available as an event venue hosting everything from pole, chair, twerk, to burlesque or heels dance. Bachelorette party? Birthday party? Girls Night Out? Just because? They’ve got you covered!

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