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Show Your A52 Pride

At Aerial Fifty Two we believe it is our responsibility to keep our squad up to date with the latest developments in aerial arts, music, food and drink, but never more so than now. In the current, unsettled climate, we will always keep you informed of the latest pole trends, hottest clubs, bars and restos and news from around the globe.

Speaking of bars and restos, Mississauga will soon be in phase 2 and the squad is excited to kick off patio season. El Mariachi Tacos And Churros anyone??  The weather is warmer, the days are longer and Mercury’s not in retrograde so we hope you’ll RSVP yes when those evites go out. More importantly, June is LGBTQ Pride Month and this year we’ve been using our online studio to raise funds for the Rainbow Railroad and #Sayhername. Can you imagine living in fear of persecution, torture or murder for the color of your skin or because of who you love? That is a reality for so many LGBTQI individuals and women of color around the world, and organizations like the Rainbow Railroad and #Sayhername help hundreds of individuals find a path to safety to start a new life. So log into MindBody, purchase a donation class, Virtual Memberships or a $5 Outdoor class [outdoor schedule will be announced as soon as Mississauga enters phase 2] Not only will your purchase go towards two movements that solely focus on the protection of our basic human rights, but you’ll get a great workout in at the same time!