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Aerial Fifty Two vs. Traditional Gym Workouts: Which Is Better for You?

Have you ever had trouble sticking to a traditional fitness workout plan? Try something new by shaking things up with Aerial Fifty Two! We believe that becoming healthier, stronger, and happier shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

Fitness should be an exciting journey filled with empowerment! Let’s see how classes at Aerial Fifty Two compare to conventional gym workouts – helping you decide which path is the perfect one for you on your journey to becoming healthier, happier, and fulfilled. 

Full-body engagement: One of the biggest differences between classes at Aerial Fifty Two and traditional gym workouts is the level at which you use your full body. In a gym, you’ll target specific muscle groups with isolated exercises, meanwhile with pole dance and aerial classes – your entire body is engaged in every movement. When you’re spinning on a pole, hoop or hammock, you’re actively using your core, arms, legs, and even your mind, bringing a more cohesive approach to strength and flexibility.  

Core Strength and Balance: Pole dance and aerial classes are known for their ability to help develop your core strength and balance. While traditional gym workouts focus on core development with various ab exercises, aerial activities like silks and hoops involve constant core and upper body engagement to maintain balance, perform complex poses, and flow through mid-air sequences. This way of training provides a great way to build a strong core, and improved stability in the shoulders and supporting muscles for overall strength and balance. 

Mind-Body Connection: Pole dance and aerial classes go far beyond physical work. It’s an art form that needs constant mind-body connection. The consistent mindfulness in performing aerial moves and poses make for quite a meditative experience. With every move, you need to be present, adapt, and express yourself while performing. This connection offers an escape from the hustle and grind of life and allows you to completely remove your mind, unlike the physicality of gym workouts which can quickly become repetitive and mundane. 

Increased Flexibility: Aerial Fifty Two also offers a variety of stretch classes that are a great way to improve your flexibility. Strictly Splits focuses on hip mobility and increasing range of motion in the lower body, Flexy Back focuses on decompressing muscles in the back to further open the chest improving your posture, and Flex Appeal is a total body stretch class intended to keep the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy.  In comparison, traditional gym workouts focus more on strength and muscle development with flexibility components only being incorporated during brief warm ups and cool downs. 

Fun and Motivation: Last but not least, the most significant difference between classes at Aerial Fifty Two and traditional gym workouts is the fun factor. Aerial Fifty Two offers a captivating, joyful, and creative approach to exercise that keeps you motivated and excited to return. It feels less like a chore and more like a thrilling new experience. At Aerial Fifty Two, our students often find that the allure of aerial fitness keeps them consistently engaged in their fitness journey, which is a key ingredient for long-term success.

Ultimately, the choice between classes at Aerial Fifty Two vs. traditional gym workouts depends on your personal goals, preferences, and the kind of fitness your body craves. As long as you are moving your body, staying hydrated and are happy with your routine, becoming healthier, stronger, and happier is inevitable :)

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