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The Different Styles of Pole Dance: Which One Is Right for You?

Did you know that there are different styles of pole dancing that cater to every personality, taste, and fitness goal? Pole dancing allows you to explore your limits, ignite your creativity, and showcase your unique expression. Choosing the right pole dance style is an exciting chapter in itself. Let’s highlight some of the distinctive styles that make it an art form for all. Knowing the different styles helps you pick your perfect fit. Which one resonates with your inner pole dancer? 

At Aerial Fifty Two, we take pride in offering a variety of pole dance and aerial dance styles, each a unique expression of art and athleticism, catering to different tastes and objectives. 

There’s a perfect fit for everyone:

Exotic Old School: Whether in a Low Flow or Floor Play class – this sensual and mesmerizing style combines sensuality with self-confidence. Through fluid movements on and off the pole, and by incorporating heels and subtle elements of striptease, you can showcase your individuality and embrace your self-expression. The goal with this style is to create beautiful lines, seamless transitions, and aesthetically pleasing movements that require strength but look effortless. 

Exotic Hard: This style is both sexy and playful, but also wild and powerful. In this dynamic style, it’s all about fast movements, tricks, jumps, and unexpected flow transitions. The music in this style is typically fast and the choreography requires a lot of confidence, stamina and strength. At Aerial Fifty Two, you can experience this energetic dance style in an Erotica class. 

Contemporary Pole Dance: Also referred to as Lyrical Flow, this style is a combination of strength, grace, and self-discovery. Whether with shoes on or in your socks, Contemporary Pole Dance is about creating a beautiful, artistic, emotionally driven story using the pole. It can also include inversions for an added element of excitement and drama to your routine. 

FreeStyle Pole Dance: This type of pole dancing encourages dancers to experiment with different emotions, movements, techniques, and music to create a unique and personalized routine. FreeStyle pole dancers often perform with a specific intention, where they combine other dance styles and movements that may not always be incorporated into pole dancing.

Aerial Dance: Wish you could soar through the air with poise and grace? Intrigued by mixing the hoop or hammock with dance? Lyra Choreography or a Silk Hammock Flow might be for you. Both aerial hoop and aerial hammock are a testament to your strength and creativity, offering a beautiful blend of acrobatics, flexibility and dance making for a magical aerial performance.

By exploring these different styles, you can find the one that resonates with your inner aerial and pole artist. Each style offers a unique avenue for self-expression, strength-building, and personal growth. Whether you’re drawn to sensuality, artistry, athleticism, or a combination of all, Aerial Fifty Two is here to help you discover the pole and aerial dance styles that speak to your soul. 

Your pole and aerial journey is an incredible adventure, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Happy Dancing!