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Pole Dance Class

Pole Dance Studio Etiquette

Within the walls of our studio, a flow of energy and community come together, creating a space where each dancer feels not only supported but uplifted by the collective group. Establishing a positive and inclusive atmosphere is crucial for any thriving pole dance studio. 

In this post, we will dive into the etiquette that makes for the beautiful studio environment that we all love to be a part of. Whether you’re a seasoned pole dancer or stepping into our studio for the first time.

From unwritten rules that create a positive atmosphere to general considerations to help maintain a comfortable experience for everyone, here are 5 things to remember when visiting Aerial Fifty Two that will ensure every spin, climb, and twirl is a shared celebration.

1. Respect Personal Space:

Respect the personal space of your fellow dancers to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Give ample room for each person to practice their tricks or routines without feeling crowded. It is also important to be aware of the people and space around you, ask permission before recording videos of yourself in instances where other people may be in the shot – respect everyone’s right to privacy.

2.Encourage, Don’t Compare:

Every dancer has a unique style and skill level. Instead of making comparisons, celebrate the diversity within the studio. Offer encouragement and support to your fellow dancers, recognizing that everyone is on their individual journey of growth. 

3.Clean Up After Yourself:

A clean and organized studio creates a welcoming environment for all dancers. Keep your belongings in the designated areas to minimize tripping hazards, wipe down your pole and aerial equipment before and after class to maximize health and safety, and take a moment to advise staff of any spills or messes to ensure the studio remains a clean space.

4.Be Mindful of Class Times:

Respect the scheduled class times, and arrive on time for your sessions! This consideration ensures a smooth flow of classes and allows everyone to make the most of their time in the studio. Similarly, if you need to leave a class early, do so quietly to minimize disruptions.

5.Offer Support and Constructive Feedback:

Building a supportive community is important to the growth of each dancer. Provide positive reinforcement and constructive feedback when appropriate. Acknowledge the efforts of your peers and share insights that can help them improve. A studio full of encouragement, like at Aerial Fifty Two, becomes a space where everyone feels motivated to reach their full potential.

By sticking to these rules, dancers can help create a studio environment that thrives on positivity, respect, and shared growth. Here’s to a studio that resonates with the uplifting spirit of every dancer who graces our space!

Happy Dancing!