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Pole Dance Fashion: What to wear to your next class

What you wear to your pole dance class isn’t just clothing; it’s an extension of your expression, a reflection of your unique style, and a big element of the storytelling of your movements and pole dance persona! In this blog post, we dive into pole dance fashion, guiding you through the choices that enhance both your confidence and your choreography.

At Aerial Fifty Two, we believe that your attire should not only speak to your personal style but also empower your movements. 

What to look for when purchasing pole dance attire:

Fitted Workout Clothing for Freedom of Movement:

Go for fitted workout attire that allows for unrestricted movement. This could include sports bras, tank tops, and form-fitting tops paired with leggings or shorts. The key is to choose clothing that allows you to move freely and showcases the beauty of your dance.

Shorts for Essential Skin Contact:

Shorts are highly recommended for most pole classes. They ensure essential skin contact along the knees, shins, and upper thighs, helping to give a better grip on the pole. This direct skin-to-pole connection is vital for executing various moves with grace and confidence. However, in some classes, like Intro to Lyra, leggings are required to maintain skin contact and provide coverage. Always read class descriptions for recommendations and requirements.

Avoid Large Jewel embellishments:

To avoid scratching the finish off the poles and as a safety precaution, heavily bedazzled clothing as well as body jewelry like rings, bracelets, and watches should not be worn to a pole or aerial class. This ensures a smooth and hazard-free experience, allowing you to focus entirely on the artistry of pole dance without any concerns about accessories getting in the way.


Every dancer has their own personal style. Some prefer more conservative necklines while others prefer things a little more risqué. Aerial Fifty Two is a judgment free zone and we will always encourage individuality! Out of respect for your fellow dancers, wear what you like but please keep your private parts covered.

By embracing these suggestions, you not only enhance your comfort during class but also contribute to the overall safety and enjoyment of your pole dance journey. Dress the part, dance with passion, and let your journey in pole dance fashion unfold with uniqueness and confidence.

Happy Dancing!