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From Classes to Performance: Preparing for Your First Pole Dance Showcase

This is your time to shine! Stepping onto the stage for your first performance or competition can be an exciting experience. The question is: How do you turn your studio practice into a mesmerizing pole dance routine?  Let’s break down what you can do to prepare yourself for a performance milestone that will celebrate your passion and dedication to the art of pole dance.

Dedicated Rehearsal Time: 

Set aside time consistently for rehearsal in the weeks leading up to your pole dance showcase. At Aerial Fifty Two, we have allocated showcase practice hours that will focus on your routine regularly. This dedicated rehearsal time not only enhances your muscle memory but also builds confidence in executing each move seamlessly. We also have scheduled Open Aerial sessions available for any extra time needed to practice your routine.

Receive Constructive Feedback: 

This is your opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from your instructors. Whether through a private training session or through conversation, the Dance Captains at Aerial Fifty Two are here to help provide you with valuable insights that will help you refine your routine and make any necessary adjustments. Using this feedback, you’ll be able to polish your performance making sure to address any areas that may need improvement. 

Mindful Visualization: 

Mental prep is just as important as your physical training! Spend time visualizing yourself on stage, executing each move with confidence. Visualization can help calm nerves, enhance concentration, and create a positive mindset for the actual performance. Imagine a fantastic showcase and it will become a reality!

Costume and Stage Presence: 

Pick a costume that best compliments your routine and makes you feel confident and comfortable. You’ll want a costume that allows freedom for all your movements and doesn’t distract from your performance. Practice wearing your costume during your rehearsals so you get used to its feel. To add, you’ll want to work on your stage presence. Remember to make eye contact with the audience, use facial expressions, and move with confidence. 

All of these together will boost your overall performance!

Embrace the nerves! The excitement before the showcase is half the fun! Above all, trust in the preparation you’ve invested. Your journey from the studio to the stage at your showcase will be one to remember. Step onto that stage with confidence and let all the work you put in shine. 

Happy Dancing!