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Pole Dance as a Career: Opportunities in Instruction, Performance, and Beyond.

Thinking of building a career out of your pole dancing practice? The beautiful thing about this activity is the career opportunities that can follow. In the world of pole dance, this art form can not only be a passion of yours but also a fulfilling and sustainable profession. Here’s how you can take pole dancing to the next level as a career:

Pole Dance Instruction: Becoming a certified pole dance instructor is a common path for those passionate about sharing their love for pole dance with others. Instructors can teach at established studios, and fitness centers, or even offer private lessons. This route involves not only mastering pole techniques but also developing effective teaching methods to inspire and guide students of all levels. Stay tuned for upcoming A52 Instructor Training Programs this summer!

Performance and Entertainment: Performance opportunities are endless for skilled pole dancers, ranging from local showcases, competitions, corporate events, music videos, stage productions and so much more…and Haunted Circus showcase is just around the corner ;)

Choreography and Artistic Direction: For those who have an eye for creativity and expression, choreography could be the perfect avenue for you. This route involves creating original routines, themes, and concepts for performances, competitions, and theatrical productions. Choreographers work closely with dancers to bring their visions to life. 

These routes are just a glimpse of the different career paths available in the world of pole dancing. They offer growth, creativity, and fulfillment. Whether pursuing instruction, performance, choreography, entrepreneurship, or a combination of all of the above, dancers who are passionate about pole dance can find rewarding careers that allow them to share their love for this empowering art form with the world.

Happy Dancing!