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Meet Co-Founder -Vanessa Robin

We invite you to get to know Vanessa, co-founder of Aerial Fifty Two, Pole Dance and Fitness Studio. 
Today, let’s shine a spotlight on one of the driving forces behind this pole dance and fitness studio’s vision, sharing her inspiring journey, love for pole dance, and commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering community. 

Here are 10 facts about Vanessa, one of the two dedicated individuals whose passion for pole dance has transformed into a thriving space where students can explore their strength, creativity, and confidence.

Fun Facts About Vanessa:

1. Vanessa started her pole journey in 2008 and shifted to making pole dance her full time career in 2015.

2. Vanessa has a background in Hawaiian Hula Dancing and is currently an Ori Tahiti enthusiast. 

3. Vanessa regularly volunteers at various retirement homes, teaching Zumba classes.

4. Vanessa is a self proclaimed Foodie, who used to blog her favorite restaurants on her MySpace page [LOL iykyk]

5. In her spare time, Vanessa can be found playing Just Dance video game or binging cringy reality TV shows [she’s currently obsessed with Love is Blind]

6. Vanessa’s ethnicity is Filipino/Jamaican and she embraces all cultures in and out of the studio.

7. Vanessa’s favorite color is yellow – with most of her home decor being various shades of yellow.

8. Vanessa’s favorite animal is the panda; just like a panda, she’s super laid-back and loves snacking.

9. Vanessa often goes to the movie theater…for popcorn.

10. Vanessa is obsessed with Miguel and if not given a song request in class she’ll always dance to his hit song “How Many Drinks”.

This flow queen pours her heart, dedication, and creativity into this studio. Together with Natasha, their shared vision shapes Aerial Fifty Two into the vibrant, supportive community that it is today.

    Join Vaness at Aerial Fifty Two where her goal is to uplift and empower individuals to thrive and find joy through dance.

    Happy Dancing!